Tagging Bumble Bees To Study Their Movements

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This video follows Jeremy Hemberger as he discusses his work on bumble bee foraging behavior. It describes his scientific process, how he uses technology, and his findings on social insect behavior. There is an audio descriptive version available, and downloadable transcripts in both English and Spanish on the website.


Español: https://www.biointeractive.org/es/classroom-resources/uso-de-etiquetas-para-estudiar-los-movimientos-de-abejorros

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1 review for Tagging Bumble Bees To Study Their Movements

  1. LessonHiveAdmin

    This is a lovely video featuring the amazing macro-photography of Clay Bolt. He interviews a Wisconsin graduate student about his research, and how he tests his hypotheses. It’s a nice overview of research in action. The only thing we might add would be a link to the student’s research publications.

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