What are NGSS STEM Practices?

We classify lessons included in the Hive by Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Science and Engineering Practices. These practices are designed to simulate what scientists do to investigate the natural world, and what engineers do in designing and building systems.

NGSS Logo; "practices, crosscutting, core ideas"

When students engage in scientific inquiry using these practices, they build, deepen, and apply knowledge of core ideas and crosscutting concepts. Together, these form 3-Dimensional Learning:

Standards and performance expectations …must take into account that students cannot fully understand scientific and engineering ideas without engaging in the practices of inquiry and the discourses by which such ideas are developed and refined. At the same time, they cannot learn or show competence in practices except in the context of specific content.” (NRC Framework, 2012)

Engaging in the practice of science helps students understand how scientific knowledge develops, and an appreciation of the many approaches used to investigate and explain our world. These practices also emphasize science as a creative endeavor, not just stuff to memorize.

NSTA offers a fantastic overview of Science and Engineering Practices at each grade level in this PDF. We think you will find it useful when designing new learning materials.

Science and Engineering Practices: