How we Categorize Resources

We Currently have 6 Primary categories that we sort resources into:

A learning resource may belong to more than one of these categories.

You will see resources that have not been rated or recommended yet, since it takes awhile to read through and characterize each lesson. That doesn’t mean they aren’t great — just that we are slow. We expect the number of recommended lessons to grow over time.

The resources we’ve collected have these attributes listed:

  • State or Other Standards
    • Present: State standards, Common Core, and/or NGSS dimensions are clearly stated in the resource
    • Absent
    • Unsure: We think it might be aligned, or could be aligned, but don’t see standards in any obvious places

  • Media Format
    • App or interactive
    • Audio/Video Recording
    • Book or eBook
    • PDF
    • Text/Webpage

  • Year of Creation (or last update)