Why Do Dead Things Disappear Over Time?

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This unit covers animal decomposition through the storyline of a dead raccoon disappearing on the side of the road. Students ask questions such as “what happens to a dead body over time?”, “where do living things get the things they need to grow?”, and more. The material is all accessible in a Google Drive file and completely free.

This lesson is NGSS aligned and has full storyline documentation.


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1 review for Why Do Dead Things Disappear Over Time?

  1. LessonHiveAdmin

    This is a full 5th grade curriculum with complete NGSS Storyline support. It includes assessment rubrics, videos, and more! Definitely a fantastic resource.
    We especially like that many classroom artifacts are provided from classes that tested and used the curriculum. It helps teachers/instructors visualize what types of materials students will produce.
    This lesson isn’t focused on insects specifically, but they are integral to the storyline.

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