What Makes Them Tick?

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This is a real-world-data project for students! In addition to CDC data, curated project data sets include other variables that would allow students to explore relationships.

  • Employ graphing and analytical “moves” to investigate and make sense of data.
  • Examine relationships among variables by comparing distributions.
  • Understand how data visualizations are constructed by mapping attributes to representations (both on and off the computer).


Unfortunately, after NSTA moved to a new journal host in 2024, this article is now only available to members (behind a paywall).

The Video for tick data analysis  is open access, though.

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1 review for What Makes Them Tick?

  1. LessonHiveAdmin

    This case study uses curated data sets in conjunction with a free digital data tool to help students pose questions and finding their own answers. This is a 10-hour module on ticks and Lyme disease. A fantastic resource that connects student to real world data.

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