Virtual Caterpillar Growth Experiment

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This resource contains several different ways to explore Manduca caterpillar growth under different temperatures, with an emphasis on quantitatively measuring and interpreting results.

The virtual lab lets students experiment and see whether global climate change will affect the growth of Manduca caterpillars. Includes both a full virtual lab and a quick virtual lab, as well as a downloadable teacher resource packet. There are also detailed instructions for rearing the caterpillars in the classroom.


You may also find this diagram of the Manduca life cycle helpful:

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1 review for Virtual Caterpillar Growth Experiment

  1. LessonHiveAdmin

    This is a great resource to help students and teachers collect real data from a controlled experiment, either in the classroom or virtually. We especially like the Data Analysis questions, which ask students to think carefully about what conclusions they can draw.

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