Virtual Beetle Dissection

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This website includes a virtual beetle dissection, along with a worksheet full of diagrams and questions for students to answer. The dissection module includes images of real male and female beetles, an x-ray image, and an illustration. Students are able to inspect the various parts of the beetle as they dissect it. This gives information about its internal and external anatomy.

The website also has information about the specific language used when describing an insect body, and the similarities and differences between insect and human anatomy. Worksheets included involve students labelling, matching, and describing what they see during the dissection.

Students will also learn about the various internal systems (sensory, respiratory, muscular), compare and contrast male and female beetles, and think about why these differences are present.

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  1. LessonHiveAdmin

    This is a very nice way to explore insect anatomy. In addition to the online virtual dissection, there are microCTs and a comparative table of human(mammal) and insect anatomy.
    The downloadable PDF packet walks students through the dissection, with reflection questions to stimulate reflection on what they learn.

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