Urban Ecosystem Project: Mosquitoes and Me

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The Mosquitoes & Me Curriculum contains 28 lessons organized into three units, each with well documented curriculum extensions (CE).  One unit covers Mosquitoes & Biology, the next Mosquitoes & Ecology, and finally Mosquitoes & Disease, followed by the CE Mosquitoes & History.  There are seven lessons in each unit, and the CE contains seven additional history-based lessons that can be strategically integrated by educators.

Source: https://research.hs.iastate.edu/urban-ecosystem-project/mosquitoes-me-curriculum/ 

The lessons are not publicly available in their entirety. However, sample lessons from each unit are available as PDF files. A number of at-home lessons and activities ranging from mosquito anatomy, habitat, pest prevention, and life cycles are also available, for parents and children to complete together.

Free at this Link:  https://research.hs.iastate.edu/urban-ecosystem-project/educator-resources/

There is also a graphic novel, but that is not free: https://www.nebraskapress.unl.edu/nebraska/9781496224347/

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  1. LessonHiveAdmin

    We were able to obtain a copy of the full 3 unit curriculum, including continuing education training materials and curriculum extensions from the authors. It was built by a collaboration between education professionals and scientists, and it shows! It’s based on the TriSC3i Framework: (Communication, Cognition, Culture). We also like the authors have an explicit goal of making identity and diversity part of these conversations

    Multiple lessons are in each unit; each lesson has an anchoring idea and essential questions. Learning activities are sequenced, with a lot of detail about how to guide students in their investigations. Science journaling is required. An assessment based on student learning products for each unit is included. We also really like that the graphic novel was created in part by students who had participated in a summer camp associated with this curriculum.

    We weren’t so sure about the kickoff question: “Who would win in an end of the world battle between humans and mosquitoes?” But after looking at the whole curriculum, it works — students are challenged in the later lessons to revisit that and ask if it’s really a helpful way to look at the human-mosquito conflict.

    Unit 1 Anchoring idea: “Humans and mosquitoes share DNA.” (form and function)
    Unit 2 Anchoring idea: “What if all mosquitoes go extinct?” (ecology)
    Unit 3 Anchoring idea: “Mosquitoes are the deadliest animal in the world.” (communication and engineering)

    The only challenge we see is in obtaining live mosquito larvae and adults. That’s not always easy to do.

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