Tick Borne Disease Curriculum

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“The Tick-Borne Disease unit explores the role public health and health care workers play in human/animal welfare as well as the significance of tick-borne diseases in human/animal health.”

These lessons are focused on Kansas’ One Health initiative and website, so will need to be locally reviewed to determine if they are transferrable to other states.

Source:  https://www.bri.k-state.edu/education/tick-borne-disease-curriculum-overview.html

Kansas State University, Biosecurity Research Institute

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  1. LessonHiveAdmin

    This is a fully-aligned NGSS curriculum on tick-borne diseases, which has also been pilot tested in real classrooms. Assessments and student artifacts are well integrated into the lessons, with lots of optional extension activities. In particular, the Diagnostic Lab Activity includes case reports, for a real-world connection. It challenges students to take different pieces of information and integrate it into a whole. The Spatial Epidemiology exercise could include more details; working with map data isn’t easy!

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