The Wolbachia Project


The Wolbachia Project brings real-world scientific research into the classroom with inquiry, discovery, biotechnology. The project has received multiple awards for its curriculum.

Teachers and students engage in hands-on research within the Wolbachia research community. Through this immersive lab series, students will discover arthropod species in their local community; obtain DNA sequences of potentially new genetic strains of Wolbachia; and determine the evolutionary relatedness of these Wolbachia strains to other sequences published by scientists.

The four core goals of this initiative are:

  1. Engage students in nature and real-world research
  2. Encourage international participation in the collection of new scientific data on bacterial endosymbionts (Wolbachia)
  3. Enhance student interest in science through an integrative lab series spanning biodiversity to molecular biology
  4. Give students an idea of what it’s like to be a scientist.

The Project provides reagents and controls to participating classrooms. There is also a professional development component for teachers, although we were unable to view those materials.

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