The Bee, the Mite, and the Virus

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Science in the Classroom (SitC) is a collection of freely available annotated research papers from the Science family of journals. SitC aims to help educators, undergraduates, and advanced high school students understand the research contained in scientific primary literature by using annotations and providing accompanying teaching materials. Annotations include vocabulary, methods, descriptions of prior research, and explanations of major conclusions.

This study examines the association between Varroa infestation in bee colonies in Hawaii and the rise of a single dominant strain of Deformed Wing Virus (DWV).  The co-occurrence of this mite and the selected virus strain may provide an explanation to the mysterious deaths of honey bee colonies worldwide.

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1 review for The Bee, the Mite, and the Virus

  1. LessonHive Admin

    Nice annotated reading to get students used to primary scientific literature. The teacher guide contains suggested discussion questions. This is a very complicated paper, for advanced high school students or undergraduates.
    Please note that this website uses color to indicate parts of the paper (previous research, hypothesis, etc.) It may not be accessible for all students.

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