Plant-Insect Interaction Role Play Game

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An active-participation, role-playing game that provides elementary school students the opportunity to experientially investigate the dynamic interactions between insect herbivory and the allocation of plant defenses. By taking the role of an herbivorous insect or a plant, the students learn how the two groups evolve alongside each other, and the ecological pressures that lead to adaptations. The activity received the Entomology Educational Project Award from the Board Certified Entomologists of Mid-America in 1999.


Institution/Author: Siegert, Michigan Entomological Society

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Before 2010

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1 review for Plant-Insect Interaction Role Play Game

  1. LessonHiveAdmin

    There are some fantastic elements of this game — we especially like the shape “lock and key” matching between leaves and taste buds. For a young audience, though, there are a lot of complex ideas –it seems like the exercise could be improved by just looking at leaf chemical defenses and caterpillars, rather than the leaves/roots/soil/insect interactions.

    Also, we question whether giving elementary students sticks for defense is a good idea 🙂
    Perhaps pipe cleaners instead?

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