Nora’s Notebooks: The Trouble With Ants

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This is a very fun book for grades 3-6. Fourth Grader Nora’s detailed notebook records what she learns keeping an ant farm. With real ant facts and an emphasis on friendship, it’s an appealing read with illustrations in each chapter.

A separate curriculum guide has Common Core literacy standards and some science standards, as well as several extension activities and discussion topics. A great way to introduce students to both science notebooking and ants.

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1 review for Nora’s Notebooks: The Trouble With Ants

  1. LessonHiveAdmin

    This is a book about a 4th grader that loves ants, which is why we included it here. But it’s also about so much more — school, friends, gender roles, required school essays, and failure, to name a few. Notebooking is an important part of early science learning, and Nora shows us exactly how it’s done — with a lot of humor. We love that there is an associated lesson guide, and hope that teachers will use this to teach across the curriculum.

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