Mowing for Monarchs

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Can you attract more monarchs by trimming your milkweed plants? These two complete lesson plans ask students to interpret real data from an experiment with control and treatment patches.

Mowing for monarchs, Part I

This lesson also includes:

  • Grading rubric and teacher’s guide (on request).
  • Video from the two 4th grade teachers that created this experiment.
  • Information about the larger ReGrow project that you can participate in too!

This resource is from DataNuggets, a fantastic series of lesson plans that are based on real-world research! Each Data Nugget comes with three student versions, based on the type of graphing skills required. Type A activities provide a graph for the students (allowing a focus on graph interpretation, making claims based on evidence, and explaining reasoning), Type B activities provide axis labels but require students to graph the data, and Type C provides an unlabeled grid on which to draw a graph.

There is also a second, follow-up lesson plan that builds upon this one. Such a great example of how science works, again with a graphing and evidentiary reasoning emphasis.

Mowing for monarchs, Part II

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  1. LessonHiveAdmin

    We strongly recommend all of the DataNuggets lesson plans! They have real data for students to draw conclusions from, and each comes with different levels, so you can customize for your classroom’s abilities. In particular we love the scaffolding of the graphing and data manipulation.

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