Mosquito Habitats Curriculum

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GLOBE Observer: Mosquito Habitat Mapper is a downloadable app designed to help guide you through documenting different mosquito habitats. This is a vast website that ranges from lesson plans to videos, to outdoor activities. The main required element is to look for a possible mosquito breeding habitat (standing water or somewhere water could collect), and report if you see any mosquito larvae in the water.

In addition to the mapping activities, this is a large resource for mosquito lessons and videos in general. Lesson plans, notebooks, life cycles, videos, and more! There is also a section of resources translated into Spanish.


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1 review for Mosquito Habitats Curriculum

  1. LessonHiveAdmin

    This is a very impressive collection of materials to teach about mosquitoes! It isn’t explicitly aligned with NGSS standards, but is so multifaceted in approach it can be considered aligned. Activities are mostly in English, but some resources are also in Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Definitely one of the best in class for mosquito resources.

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