Life Of The Leafcutter Ant

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This multi-lesson resource about leafcutter ants dives into the world of social insects and ant behavior. Students learn about how leafcutter ants depend on cooperation to support each other and grow their colony. This is done through various activities, including a game, a labelling activity, and forming hypotheses about leaf cutter ants. Students work together throughout the lessons, similar to how ants work together in their colony, to make sure everything runs smoothly. This resource does a great job of introducing complicated concepts in a way that is easy and fun for students to understand, and can be adapted to fit many age groups. It is a great introduction to social insects and cooperation in STEM to the classroom.

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1 review for Life Of The Leafcutter Ant

  1. LessonHiveAdmin

    This is a comprehensive introduction to leafcutter ants and social insects in general, with a very nice video to compliment learning. We really like that notebooking is incorporated throughout all the lessons, encouraging students to develop and document their practice of record-keeping and hypothesis generation. The ant relay game is a fantastic way to get students out of their seats and moving, while also learning.

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