Invasive Species: A Biodiversity Challenge

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In this curriculum, students explore the concept of biodiversity and their role in protecting it. Students will learn about biodiversity, some characteristics of invasive species, and actions that can be taken related to invasive species.

This curriculum includes 8 lessons. Each lesson includes a lesson plan, warm-up, and wrap-up activities. While there are no lessons specifically about insects, many of the lessons can be accompanied by entomological theming.

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Note: this resource is from Canada, so some of the information may vary from the content found in American curricula.

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1 review for Invasive Species: A Biodiversity Challenge

  1. LessonHiveAdmin

    This is a nice invasive species curriculum, and incorporates many active learning strategies through the lessons. While not specific to invasive insects, there are many lessons and ideas here for entomologists to adapt! As mentioned above, this is a Canadian resource so the alignment is not the same as that used in the USA.

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