Intro To Pests Lesson Plan

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The Intro to Pests lesson plan introduces students to a wide variety of common pests. Students will learn about basic needs, pest damage, and self-protection measures against certain pests. Some of the activities include playing a game, creating a class book, and reading a story about a commonly found pest. Includes assessment plans and an A-Z coloring book, with many different black and white pest line drawings.

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1 review for Intro To Pests Lesson Plan

  1. LessonHiveAdmin

    The best part of this lesson is the coloring book — it’s big and easy to color. There is a nice opening discussion of what “pest” means, but some of the animals are not always pests (bats, spiders, bees). We would love to see more discussion of how context makes a pest, and maybe something more than coloring.

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