How To Teach Nature Journaling

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This lovely e-book was generously released in 2020 as a free download by the authors, John Muir Laws and Emilie Lygren. It contains 31 hands-on field activities to connect art, science, math, and critical thinking.  The goal of keeping a field journal is not to make a pretty picture, but to push students to see more deeply and notice what they otherwise might overlook.

The ebook is free, and a print copy is also available for $35. There are additional supplemental activities on the author’s website:

How to Teach Nature Journaling (Print and free PDF download)


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1 review for How To Teach Nature Journaling

  1. LessonHiveAdmin

    This is an incredibly useful guide for teachers, adults, and informal educators. We especially like all the suggestions of questions to ask and prompts for students. The book is not explicitly aligned with NGSS standards, but has 3-dimensional learning throughout. Phenomena, asking and developing questions, graphing, and using mathematics are all emphasized. Each lesson/activity has clear instructions for both teachers. And there is a chapter on using journals with evaluation rubrics!

    It also makes it clear that the drawings don’t have to be perfect — just a way to let kids take ownership of their learning, and document what they see. We love this book!

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