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Grade 5 Students explore the development of pest-resistant varieties of wheat by growing two varieties of wheat in a classroom setting, and monitoring aphid success and survival. This lesson makes use of rudimentary insect traps and can be used as a basic framework for developing similar pest trials.

This is part of a larger collection of lessons in a collaboration between Corteva and NSTA (National Science Teaching Association):

It is an expansion of a lesson that was first published in 2010 by Jeanine Huss and Cheryl Baker. Science & Children, Vol. 47: Issue 6


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  1. LessonHiveAdmin

    We love that this is a lesson that’s been used for many years –that suggests it works! The 2010 paper where it was originally published contains many helpful tips. (Both the new lesson and the original version are included in the PDF.) A formative and a post assessment are included, although we would like to see a rubric as well.

    The only criticism we have is it’s not clear how a teacher would get aphids to do this experiment. Both versions of the lesson used Greenbug Biotype E, which were obtained from a USDA lab and, presumably, a Corteva culture. But the PDF does not include any information on sourcing aphids.

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