Don’t Swat That Fly!

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Someone (or something) is vandalizing the newly painted fences in a town! Is it fly poop, or something else? This activity asks students to develop their own hypotheses about fly specks, observe live flies, and analyze their data. Students are asked to write a claim-evidence-reasoning essay, and an assessment is included.

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1 review for Don’t Swat That Fly!

  1. LessonHiveAdmin

    This is a very creative way to have students read different bits of “evidence” and then piece together what happened to the fence. We would like for this to be more quantitative — at this grade level, students could count poo specks and do some graphing.
    There are some good tips for rearing houseflies; make sure to order some extra, so you can have enough adults on the day you want to start this exercise. They don’t synchronize their emergence.

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