Diversity Of Tropical Spiders

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This article for middle school students describes the vast visual and behavioral diversity of tropical spiders. The topics of taxonomy and biodiversity can be applied to spiders from any habitat or environment. There are also helpful photos and diagrams included with the writing.


This article is from Frontiers for Young Minds, a project of the Frontiers research journal. It asks scientists to re-write their research papers at a middle school level — and then has Middle school students serve as the editors! We recommend these articles as good, grade appropriate sources of information for students.Spiders in particular are difficult to research online because of the high volume of misinformation about them.

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1 review for Diversity Of Tropical Spiders

  1. LessonHiveAdmin

    This is a nice overview of spider taxonomy and anatomy, focusing on what makes spiders unique. Vocabulary words are highlighted with definitions.

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