Beekeeping As Environmental Education

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This PDF covers 12 lessons about honey beekeeping and bee biology, suitable for 9th-12th graders. It covers activities like dissections, fieldwork, and even building beehives. Note that these lessons focus on the European Honey bee, not native North American bees.

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1 review for Beekeeping As Environmental Education

  1. LessonHiveAdmin

    FYI This resource is from Canada, which has different learning standards for high school students than the USA. As an introduction to beekeeping as project-based learning, this is a strong curriculum. It also has some nice cross-curricular components like philosophy and aesthetics. There are very good documents dealing with the issues of adding a hive to a school or neighborhood, and how best to negotiate possible objections. We were pleased that both Nosema and Varroa mites were mentioned in the context of keeping a hive healthy.

    Because this lesson is a little older, some of the links to resources no longer work. Also as an environmental education resource, we would like to see more discussion of native bees, and how honey bees affect foraging of native bees.

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