Bee Biodiversity

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This is a fully NGSS aligned curriculum about bees and biodiversity for 6th Grade.

“In solving The Mystery of the Missing Bees, students explore the important role bees play as pollinators within ecosystems. They investigate the impact of human activities on wild bee species and discover why a reduction in biodiversity threatens global food security. Confronted with this problem, students must make a choice: save the bees or replace them!”

This series of lessons draws heavily on data from a research paper estimating changes in bee populations globally. Students are challenged to explore the data and the big ideas of bee decline. In this lesson students complete an engineering challenge that encourages multiple solutions to a common problem, and run a simulation.


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1 review for Bee Biodiversity

  1. LessonHiveAdmin

    This is a very engaging series of lessons that ask students to deal with real world data, as well as draw conclusions about bees and their importance in ecosystems! The lessons are explicitly NGSS aligned, including driving questions and writing and reading prompts.

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