Atlas Of Common Freshwater Macroinvertebrates

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An online visual key to aquatic macroinvertebrates with outstanding photos. This resource is not NGSS aligned, but is such an outstanding reference and field tool, we give it our full recommendation. In particular, it has a live visual identification key, easy for non-experts to use!

Learning to See, Seeing to Learn is an interdisciplinary research and development effort to create an innovative new kind of teaching and learning resource for aquatic insect identification to support citizen science water quality biomonitoring and environmental education activities.”

An evaluation study of this resource found it was highly effective at helping both teachers and students identify aquatic invertebrates, and was preferred by students over paper keys.

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1 review for Atlas Of Common Freshwater Macroinvertebrates

  1. LessonHiveAdmin

    Outstanding resource for experts and beginners both!

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