Army Ants And Their Guests

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This fully NGSS-aligned resource covers multiple activities that help middle schoolers understand the behavior of army ants, the effect that variation has on evolution, and how natural selection can alter organisms. It starts with students watching and responding to videos of army ants, and then creating a model to explain how and why the ants’ exhibited these behaviors. Students then try to explain why some beetles might mimic army ants, followed by two natural selection exercises (beaks of finches and peppered moth natural selection.)

Using their expanded knowledge of natural selection, students then update their models of beetle evolution.



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Table 1: Lesson sequence outline (storyline)

Table 2: Videos for introducing phenomena

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  1. LessonHiveAdmin

    This is a really nice and well documented series of exercises to help students apply and develop their understanding of natural selection and adaptations. In particular we love how examples of student products are shown, to illustrate how students went through the process of modeling to construct their explanations. It also includes details of a summative assessment and exit tickets. We really liked the “Gotta Have” checklist to help students identify ideas from their investigations that must be used in explaining the phenomena they observed.

    The only critique we have is the videos — the quality of the video is not great.

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