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In this activity, students learn about the major food groups and explore the diet preferences of ants by participating in a community science project. Students will set out ant food baits, count the ants present at each bait, and analyze their results. This is a long-running project, with a lot of data and testing, as well as an associated iNaturalist project. There are multiple ebook downloads, including a comic. Best of all, nearly every school has ants, so some collection of data is assured.

We especially like that here are three different versions of data analysis sheets for the experiment:  K-5, Middle School, and High School, accompanied by a video explainer. These are accompanied by different version of the activity sheets for students; they ask students to make predictions before any experimentation starts.

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  1. LessonHiveAdmin

    Ant Picnic has been around a while, and that’s because it’s simple and works. There are many resources, including entire ebooks and a special comic. And the procedure uses simple materials you can get at the grocery. It is fully NGSS aligned, and the associated handouts and videos help students work through the process of a real science experiment. Field tests found that students love having the chance to really investigate, and the graphing an analysis portions are clearly explained.

    The only thing we can find to criticize is the inclusion of a “spirit ant” exercise; that language is considered culturally insensitive. Read more here:

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