A Tail Of Two Scorpions

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Scorpions have evolved to have a metastoma, or tail that is capable of delivering a painful sting to ward off predators. However, the grasshopper mouse, a predator of the bark scorpion has evolved to not react to the venom within the scorpion sting. When offered two scorpion species, one with a painful sting, and one without, which would grasshopper mice prefer?

Each Data Nugget comes with three student versions, based on the type of graphing skills required. Type A activities provide the graph for the students (allowing a focus on graph interpretation, making claims based on evidence, and explaining reasoning), Type B activities provide axis labels but requires students to graph the data, and Type C provides an unlabeled grid on which to draw a graph.


The supplemental resources for this lesson are:

  • Grading Rubric
  • Dataset on Dataclassroom
  • Multiple videos of the mice, scorpions, and researchers
  • Powerpoint of images

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